From Trachi to Kenwich

Hey friends,

I've just released the 1.1 (Kenwich) update of the prologue. There's quite a few changes, some of which I'll cover here. They can loosely be categorized into two categories:


  • Dashing is now possible by holding "Shift"
  • Keyboard Reconfiguration (Yanfly)
    • Keybinds can be changed from the "Options" tab
  • Message Backlog (Yanfly)
    • Displays a log of the last 30 messages
    • Bound to "E" by default
  • Message Speed (Yanfly)
    • Can be adjusted in the "Options'' tab


  • Message and name box windows have been revamped
  • Task bar Icon added
  • Version number will now be displayed in the title screen
  • Several events were adjusted slightly, with some of the later stages of the prologue being drastically revamped

That should cover most of it. I've also set up the general functionality for a chapter select option and an in-game Journal/Encyclopedia. Both will be fully implemented at a later date.

I'll also release more information on Act 1 within the next days.


Prologue 321 MB
Jun 26, 2021


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