Trojan Boy


Born on the 3rd May 1903 in Waldnitz.

Recruited into the Comissariat for External Affairs (CoExA) in 1919.

Integrated into the Ionian Intelligence Service (IIS) in 1922.


Unfortunately, not much of his modus operandi is known to us, as the majority of CoExA's archives were irretrievably lost, shortly before the IIS was formed. 

In addition, both Fairclough and Ganymede have proven exceptionally reluctant to relay a full record of his assignments, so far.

What we do know, is that Ganymede spent considerable time working as an operative within Amryn. It is likely that he was also at least partially involved in the assassination of General William Forten in 1921.

From what the undersecretary relayed to us, Gaymede's specialities lie in the area of active deception and reconnaisance, which held true in one instance, at the very least.

During an operation in the city-state of Dunhem a few months ago, several of our assets were in the process of being compromised by the local authorities.

This would have certainly led to severe damage on our side, as we still haven't found the source of the leak, to this day.

Regardless, Ganymede was able to successfully divert the authorities' attention to the Amrynian network by posing as one of their agents. With an expressed intent to seek Asylum, he ''sold out'' several of their key assets and thus provided us with the time needed to restructure our own network in Dunhem.

Operation arteria

Even though we don't have most of the details, it is likely that Ganymede will apply a similar approach to the present operation.

Due to his background, he can draw extensively from his connections among former members of CoExA, which still constitute the overwhelming majority of our network in Trachi.

For this matter, it is highly advisable for our agents in the field keep a close watch on him at all times.

Since both of his associates will be comprised of former EnKaD members, however, we expect Ganymede to be well contained and thus shouldn't cause us too much trouble.


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