Towards 1.3

Hey friends,
it's been a while (two weeks, in fact)!

Sorry I skipped last week's devlog, but I wanted to get some other stuff out of the way before I set my mind back on the game.

Work on 1.3 has progressed nicely, even though I took an entire week off and mainly focussed on backend stuff for another one.

Regarding Act 2: around 1/3 of the day is now finished, aka playable and up to date.

I expect to have the entire first half of the act wrapped up during the course of the next week .
At that point I'll also hopefully release the first teaser, along with a few screenshots showing some the new areas.

As for this week, there's not much more to tell.
Oh wait, there's one thing.

I don't think I've announced the name of the second act, yet:

Hope you have a good time.
See you next week!

Much love


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