Hey friends!

After 1730 hours spent in RPG Maker, TRACHI - AUTONOMY  is done. It's a dream coming true for me. And I literally have no idea what to say. I've thought about this a lot. But nothing comes close to properly express how I am feeling right now.

Maybe once I've come to terms with it, I'll be more elaborate. But for now, I want to use this space not to dwell on my emotions, but on something else.



The people that were integral to TRACHI. My family, my friends from all phases of life. Everyone I've interacted with. Whether it be good or bad. Every piece of media that served as an inspiration. Every artist that granted me use of their assets. All of you formed a world that allowed me to do this.

In a different society, one which people aren't as free, this might have never happened. As such, I want to express my gratitude to a life that gave me the opportunity to do the most important thing in the world to me:

- To create something -

To speak in a lot of different forms and express myself. The thing I, through my entire life, struggled with. In a world which I share with 8 billion other people, you let me have my space. And you cared enough to see how it turned out.

When I got serious with TRACHI, I wanted to prove something. That if the world would let me, I'd come up with something good. Today, I'm still not sure if it's really good enough. But it doesn't matter.  Because I learned something.

- To rely on others -

The game doesn't need to be perfect. And I, in turn, don't have to be, either. As cheesy as it may sound, I learned that it's fine to have flaws. Because I'm not alone in this, anymore. Without you, TRACHI would be a fraction of itself.

Two weeks ago, I saw some of my best friends breathe life into this game. It was a gift unlike anything I ever received. I'm still tearing up thinking about how beautiful it was and hope that we can do something like it again, at some point.

- To foster a future -

Today, a road comes to it's preliminary end. I'll do my best to fix the remaining impurities during the next couple of weeks. As for what comes after that: I'll make another post sometime around next week.

Until then, I wish you all the best.
We've come a long way, haven't we?

As much as I enjoy making this game, writing these logs is just as important to me. So thank you for being there in that regard, too. And from the bottom of my heart, I do hope that you'll

- Enjoy -

And if you ever feel like talking about it. You know where to find me. 

Or should I say "us", now?

Much love, as always


Nov 11, 2021


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