ATROPHY: Deucalion

23rd November, 1923 (I reckon)

Here we go again.

You know, I almost drowned, when I was eight. I was playing with Anton close to a small river next to the place I grew up. But I slipped, (for real, that time!) I don't know how long I was underwater. Probably not more than a few seconds. But believe me, those can feel like an eternity when they could be your last.

And worst of it all, there's this internal fight going on inside you. One part wants to desperately breathe, the other one prefers not to fill your lungs with water.  It's like a dance that goes on inside your mind, while you slowly exhaust yourself. And finally accept the water as your home.

Suddenly, there was a flash. I don't remember much, but my brother must've saved me. Because ever since then, it's feels like I owe my life to him. And I'd do anything to make him happy.

Until I met you.

That's right. I know you're reading this. Back when I wrote the first entry, I wasn't sure. But I noticed that feeling again. Just like I did when I fell into Trachi's sewer system. Thankfully, Atlas was there.

But neither he nor my brother could save me from what these people did to me, yesterday. They waterboarded me. Or at the very least, they tried to. Something pulled me out, every time I was about to break.

And I'm thinking it was you. It has to be. The more I think about it, the more certain I become of that. You know, my brother told me something, once. Back when it was part of Ionia, they used to call Trachi "city of bridges". And I have a feeling it's not only referring to physical objects.

In any case, guess the two of us will have to wait a little longer for answers. Maybe - or rather hopefully - you'll be with me next time I get sweated. I'm really sorry you have to see all of this, of course. But every time you're with me, it feels like I can bear the world on my shoulders.

Can you guess who said that to me?
Hehe. If he knew I'm telling you this, he'd probably kill me.

In all seriousness, though: I appreciate you sharing the burden with me.
And I'm looking forward to feel your presence, again.


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