ATROPHY: Metastasis

21st December, 1923 (Unless he lied to me)

That was a weird one. They just pulled me out and placed me in a room.

I sat there for what felt like half an hour. Afterwards, a doctor entered. He introduced himself.
Iosef Andreos, he said. Doctor of Psychology and graduate of the Institute for Behavioural Psychology of the Alexandrian University of Aion.
The same institute Daphne graduated from. Yet for some reason, these two couldn't be any more different, even if they tried.

I don't think I need to tell you about what Daph is like. You probably a good look at her, yourself, by now. Doctor Andreos, on the other hand, seems calm, empathic - and most importantly - patient.

I've had questioners who tried to stare me down, before. But I could always get under their skin in one way or another. Provoke overhasty actions and make them drop their masks.

Not this one, though.

Every word leaving his mouth was as if hand-crafted for the very specific situation he uttered it in. He deflected each and every one of my insults and maintained a graceful air throughout.

It scares me a bit, to be honest. And if I  wasn't planning on telling them anyway, I might be in for some real trouble. Be that as it may, I still need to stay on my toes. If I drop the bomb too soon, everything will be for naught.

So I guess that we're - once again - back to the waiting part.

Except for one thing the two of us should probably discuss.
You weren't there to see my conversation with Andreos, were you?

Was that because I wasn't in any pain? Or did you just think it wasn't important enough?

Don't worry, I'm not one to judge. Besides, there might be other things at play, too.
And the important thing is that you're here now.

Which brings up the question:

There's no pain here. Just retellings of a prisoner writing letters to himself.
So what is it that makes you so intrigued, I wonder?

You don't need to answer, of course. You rarely do, I know. But hopefully, the two of us can have an actual conversation, one day.
Because I'd like to get to know more about your world, and the way it works.

In any case, I'm going to turn in and get some sleep.

Until next time, hopefully soon.


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