30th December, 1923 (I have a calendar now!)

She briefed him.

Doctor Iosef Andreos. He's very good. But he's got a tell, you see.

Trying to mirror someone is hard work. There's always a little smudge, somewhere. A piece of the picture that doesn't follow your moves.

Anyways. I tried something, yesterday. I told Andreos about what Daph did to Iky. During our first (or technically second) night. He already knew. But he didn't expect me to tell him so quickly. Not that it came easy to me, mind you. I had to get into a proper state.

Alone, and afraid. Just like I was, back then, right? All by myself in that dark bedroom... Hehe. I saw the urge in him rising. A burning desire to ask me a particular question: "Was there really no one else there?" I danced a bit between the significant and the trivial. But at some point, I just couldn't resist, anymore. And then I lied to his face.

He knew I was bullshitting him. Because Daph already told him the truth.

God - I can't wait to get my hands on that bitch.


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