ATROPHY: Thermopylae

January 7th, 1924

I think I know where I am.

Both the stars and the accent of this institution's cleaning staff. The food  (if you can call it that) and the mountains. All of them gave me an idea. But i needed something concrete.

Doctor Andreos is a heavy smoker, you know. Not during our sessions. But I can smell it on him. And then there's his voice. It's slightly raunchy, just about at the point right before it stops being pleasant. He's such a smooth-talker, most people probably wouldn't notice. Unfortunately for him, Gregor has been smoking since he was 14. Around a year before I started.

I know how to spot them. Because I'm one of them. I told him about the craving I had, which isn't that far from the truth. Of course, I overplayed a bit. He bought it, nonetheless. Not that I'm addicted to it, of course. That he wanted to see for himself.

He offered me one, and I accepted. Boy, the bliss. And I'm not talking about the feeling of slowly killing myself. No, that was just a bonus. Doctor Andreos got what he wanted to see. And I found out what I wanted to know.

Rhodopia. A horrible brand. And the only domestic supplier of tobacco. Probably one of the things I dislike the most about Ionia. You know, in Trachi there was this stuff from overseas. The real good shit. But in this godforsaken country, there's only the domestic crap. All of it grown in a single region.

That cigarette he gave me. It's the freshest I've ever had. Even the stuff in the capital wasn't half as smooth. The mountains of Rhodope. That's where I am. They're keeping me close to home. Or far away from Trachi.

So I guess that's the reason why they moved me about so much. If our predictions came true, Ionia should be getting it's shit pushed in, right now. Which means Daphne and her sugar-dad have a lot of fires to put out, right now. While my Brother and the others probably can't shut an eye due to how much work they've got on their hands.

And then, there's me. Just a door away from getting dragged out into the woods and shot in the head. Sitting here, while the world keeps spinning. But you know what, it's really not so bad. They stopped the interrogations, a while ago. Besides the meetings with Doctor Andreos, I've got most of the day to myself.

Most importantly, I have you.

We haven't seen each other in two months, but it already feels like an eternity. Don't worry, though! I know you're there.

Because, let's be honest: If you weren't, none of this shit-show would make any sense. There's got to be a world in which things - and people - are better than this.

There has to be.


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